About Elline & LeMetric


Elline Surianello is the founder/CEO of 
LeMetric Hair and Beauty Studio, a midtown Manhattan-based full-service salon that offers hair cutting, styling, and custom hair systems and extensions as well as beauty services, such as makeup applications, facial masks and hand/foot treatments. Elline and her team of beauty experts also offer hair and beauty services from within their mobile beauty studio, a converted Mercedes-Benz. Elline’s specialty is in the women’s additional hair market and providing high-quality, custom human hair systems for women with hair loss or hair thinning. Elline and her services have been featured in dozens of national media outlets, including Ladies’ Home Journal, Good Morning America, Entrepreneur and the New York Times. 


4 thoughts on “About Elline & LeMetric

  1. Mary E. Kely

    Are you the person who participated in a demo at J. Andrews Salon in Chicago? I am regular client there, but was unable to attend the session. I would like more info, as I am a person with significant hair thinning and hair loss. I also come to NYC on a regular basis.

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