Can This Device Help You Kick Trichotillomania?

Being that we at LeMetric specialize in a broad range of hair challenges, we often work with women who live with Trichotillomania which is the habit of pulling out one’s hair. Sometimes it is a minor issue that can be addressed and abandoned once identified, but as most of us know kicking a habit is not easy, even after major damage is done.

Along comes Liv, which sounds like it might be an extremely helpful solution. Created by HabitAware, Liv is a bracelet, much like a fitness bracelet, and it’s purpose is to alert you to certain behavioral patterns.

“Liv uses sophisticated sensors to record the behavior patterns of the user,” said HabitAware Co-Founder Sameer Kumar. “It identifies these unhealthy behaviors and alerts you when you’re doing them. It’s also able to distinguish between similar movements – for example, pulling hair from your scalp versus taking a sip of coffee.”


Upon investigating this product, we found out that co-founder Aneela lived with Trich, and how working with her husband Sameer, they were able to create this useful tool to combat it. Check out the below  video where they go into detail about how this project started and how the bracelet works.

If you or anyone you know is living with  Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) such as hair pulling, nail biting (Onychophagia), skin picking (Excoriation / Dermatillomania), or thumb-sucking, this might be well worth looking into. The bracelet is affordable for the difference it can make in your life, and there are two styles for adults and one for children.

Update : HabitAware was kind enough to give us a discount code for pre-orders to pass on! Mention LeMetric in the notes to seller before the official June 15th launch date at get a 5% discount. 




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