Fearless Young Woman Details How She Chose to Deal With Losing Her Hair to Alopecia Areata [VIDEO]

  Losing your hair due to a chronic illness can be a very traumatic and emotionally draining process to say the least. However you are not alone, as 50 million people throughout the U.S. suffer from autoimmune diseases and are dealing with some mental or physical imbalance that has affected their health and laid sieged to their hair. However, today we share the story of a fearless young woman Becky who details her journey of what it felt like to be losing her hair after being a long time sufferer of Alopecia Areata .

In a brief and very moving Vlog, Becky shows the world how she chose to prevail over a disorder she had battled since the age of 17. Although Becky is one of millions who have also battled with this issue, her braveness and willingness not to live her life in fear makes her a shero in our eyes. Rock on Becky.


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