A Husband Shares his Innermost Thoughts Regarding His Wife Potentially Losing All of her Hair [VIDEO]

  In conjunction with the Good Men Project, Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt dove into unchartered waters when a concerned husband wrote into the host about his wife’s thinning hair.

Although we typically examine hair loss in women from the female perspective, during the 6:30 minute video the husband divulges his raw and undiluted opinion on how he feel about his wife potentially losing her hair, and seeks Pratt’s wisdom on the topic to discern his feelings.

In addition to hair thinning and or hair loss already being an emotionally draining experience for women dealing with it, Pratt now shows the other side of the spectrum by talking to a man who fears the issue could somehow affect the love he has for his wife. It’s definitely an interesting perspective to say the least. Watch how Pratt tackles the issues below.

What did you think of the husband’s candor regarding the sensitive topic?


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