ICYMI: Lady Gaga Gives Riveting Performance of “Until it Happens to You” at The Oscars

Last Sunday(Feb.28) Vice President Biden introduced Lady Gaga to the stage where she shared a gripping performance of “Until it Happens to You” with a wrapt audience of fellow celebs in attendance for the 88th Annual Academy Awards and millions of viewers tuning it at home.

The emotionally charged song was meant to bring light to the increasing numbers of rape victims, as Gaga has been a staunch advocate of as she was also a victim and now uses her platform to empower others .The singer turned actress shared the stage with dozens of others, men and women who just like her had survived the heinous acts committed against them.

Not only did Gaga’s riveting performance highlight the injustices of the world going on that we live in, but it also showed the power of humanity and how once we unite and empower one another, there is no stopping us. Gaga is a prime example of we are more than just what happens to us in life. Its about how you fight back and use your light to be a beacon of hope for others regardless of the circumstance.


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