What Makes LeMetric Hairpieces Different?

In the market for a hairpiece? Elline explains what makes LeMetric Hairpieces and Hair Systems different than the ones other salons are offering and how to choose the right one based on your own needs and lifestyle.


With our hairpieces, you can:

  • Wear it 24/7 or during the day, permanently or temporarily.
  • Sleep, swim, and even sweat in it without causing any damage
  • Customize it based on your own preferences and natural hair

More benefits:

  • They’reย breathable and easy to wash
  • Can last for 2-3 years with maintenance
  • We can incorporate your existing hair into the piece and make it easy to take on or off
  • They’re flexible to your lifestyle!

If you want to learn more, call Elline directly atย (212) 986-5620 or email her at elline@lemetric.com for a free consultation.


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