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TBT! LeMetric’s Feature in Hair: Public, Political, Extremely Personal by Diane Simon

hair, public political extremely personal, diane simon, lemetric, elline surianelloThis Throwback Thursday we’re taking it back to 2000 when Elline and LeMetric were featured in Diane Simon’s funny and informative book, Hair: Public, Politlcal, Extremely Personal.

From the back cover:

“Hair: Public, Politlcal, Extremely Personal is a candid, humorous and revealing look at America’s hair obsessions. Journalist Diane Simon, the curly-haired daughter of straight-haired parents who has suffered much for her locks, uses her own personal traumas as a point of entry into this fascinating subject. Simon visits Harlem braiding salons and Hassidic wig shops, tries every time of hair removal, and even spends an afternoon at the Hair Club for Men headquarters. Through her research, Simon explores the different choices people make to transform themselves through their hair.”

Elline was thrilled to have Diane come by that sunny day over 15 years ago and was even more thrilled at the outcome of the book: a personal, hilarious and extremely educational examination into the intricate world of hair many of us don’t usually think about.

In her chapter titled “So Long as Their Hair Was On,” Simon talks about Elline’s history with androgenetic alopecia, the development of LeMetric to fill a void in the hair business, and clients such as Marianna whose experience with the LeMetric hair system changed her life.

Simon writes,

“Marianna, who wore a wig for fifteen years before discovering Elline, respects her system. She can keep it on for five to six weeks at a time, having it washed and set once a week at a shop in her neighborhood, returning to Elline’s only to have her track tightened and her system reattached. A mesh cap that covers the top of her head and reaches only slightly to the sides, it is far lighter than any wig she owned; and yet, it is far more powerful, more realistic, and more transforming at all once. She had never felt like the wigs were hers– they were more like hats than hair. [However] this [LeMetric] system is a part of her.

Diane, like Elline, recognizes the deep relationship we have with our hair, and how important it is when it comes to our self-image, well being, relationships, and daily lives.

If you’re looking for your next favorite book, you’ve found it! Buy Hair: Public, Politlcal, Extremely Personal on Amazon here and be sure to look for us on page 202!

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