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A Win for Alopecia Awareness on Humans of New York

On July 23rd popular photoblog Humans of New York uploaded a post of a young man holding up picture of two people: one of them with a curly blond mop of hair on his head. The young man staring into HONY creator Brandon Stanton’s camera however, is completely bald.

After reading the customary quote underneath the picture of the blue-eyed subject, HONY followers quickly realized the big-haired boy in the picture and the hairless boy presenting it are the same person.

humans of new york, brandon stanton, photography, alopecia
Photo credit: Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York

“Alopecia is a weird disease to wrap your head around. It causes your immune system to turn against your body, and your hair falls out. I used to have a big blond fro that was a big part of my identity. It was hard to not get depressed when it disappeared. I started to think: ‘What value do I have if even my body doesn’t like itself?’ As I lost more and more hair, I kept trying to comb my remaining hair over my bald spots. Eventually I had to embrace it. On my 20th birthday, I decided that instead of having a bunch of little bald spots that I don’t like, I’m going to give myself one big one that I do like.”

The post now has 554,000+ likes on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr combined with almost 15,000 comments. Wonderfully enough, many of these comments are people sharing their own alopecia stories with words of encouragement and support for the young man who found love in his “one big” bald spot.

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Along with uplifting commentary from both men and women who cope with alopecia, the majority of the comments are filled with reassuring and supportive words from users who may not have heard of alopecia before. The likes of “handsome,””inspiring” and “you look great!” fill the discussion with such positive vibes, it’s hard to stop reading.

Alopecia is rarely at the forefront of public and mainstream conversation. It’s amazing to see it being talked about on the large-scale platform Humans of New York provides. Awareness is key in providing men and women with any type of hair loss the support they deserve, and with exposure like this, we are one step closer to ending the stigma that comes with having alopecia in a world where acceptance is hard to find.

See the original post on the Humans of New York.

Learn more about LeMetric Founder Elline Surianello’s journey with alopecia here.

Written by Felicia Rodriguez

3 Everyday Hairstyles for Natural Women

This post was written by LeMetric Beauty Ambassador, Victoria Van Devere!

As a naturalista I’d like to help you with your journey into this new way of life!

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I personally have struggled with trying to do different styles or even figure out different things to do, especially in the beginning when my hair was extremely short. I started off back in 2011, when I cut all my hair off to become apart of the natural world! In March 2013 I got the itch to do something extreme (as always) so I got a relaxer, dyed my hair red, and got it cut into a cute style. I tried to do my own touch up relaxer on my roots and my hair started falling out because I over processed my hair. That moment I realized, I need to go back natural. In August 2014 I cut all my hair off (even shorter than the first time) and dyed it light brown, and rocked it until it grew long enough for protective styles: Marley twist, faux locs, and box braids.

Once I became comfortable with the length of my hair, which wasn’t until March, I began trying different styles. I’d ask my best friend for ideas as well as check YouTube, Google, and Pinterest. I have done twist outs, pin ups, braid outs, almost anything I thought would work!

My favorite everyday style is the twist out; it gives my hair a nice curl and last me about 3 days. I would recommend the pin up to women in office or formal settings (interviews, weddings, dinner parties). French buns and/or half up with curls coming towards your face are two great styles. And my final specialty is the uni-braid! It’s 2 separate braids that you link together to make it look like one. Continue reading to learn how I rock these styles!

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natural hair, naturalista, curls, twists, twist out, curly hair, curly froThe Twist Out

What you’ll need for this look: curl cream

1. I start off by washing my hair and leaving in conditioner for a softer feel (this is not required)
2. I let my hair dry a little, not much, it’s always good to do them while your hair is wet.
3. I take a section of my hair, using my fingers to part, and I add my curl cream.
4. I two strand twist my hair, I try to use an even amount for each twist.
5. I sleep in a bonnet and wake up and untwist (if your hair isn’t dry all the way, use a blow dryer or let hair air dry after untwisting)
6. Use a pic or wide tooth comb to pull the hair at least one inch from the scalp so that the parts won’t be visible. Done!up do, black hair, natural hair, naturalista

The Pin Up

What you’ll need for this look: strong hold gel, curl cream, scarf

1. Brush the back of your hair towards the front, add your strong hold gel and use a brush to make hair as flat as possible.
2. Pin the hair up, part the top in a circle, leaving a good amount out for you to two strand twist.
3. Put a scarf on the back while you two strand the front circular area you sectioned off.
4. Use curl cream to two strand the twist in the front. Put a bonnet on before sleeping.
5. Untwist your hair, make sure it is fully dry, pull out your curls a bit and you’re ready to go!

The Uni-Braid
unibraid, uni braid, braids, beauty, hair

What you’ll need for this look: strong hold gel, moose, bobby pins

1. Put a side part in your hair (you can also put it in the middle, wherever you prefer).
2. Use any type of strong hold styling gel and put a little on the edges and the middle to get it slicked down.
3. Use a hard brush to make sure the hair is flat in the back and sides before braiding.
4. Begin braiding, make sure it’s tight and braid all the way to the end.
5. Braid the other side as well. (Stop and brush while braiding if needed.)
6. After your braids are complete, add gel where needed to ensure your hair will be flat.
7. Add moose as well or whatever helps your hair stay flat!
8. Put a scarf on for as long as needed.
9. Use 2 bobby pins, pin the left end braid to the right side, do the same for the right side. Wear and go!

All of these simple styles will have you looking and feeling fabulous! You can Google or YouTube these styles or find them on my Pinterest under the “My Hairstyles” board.

Also be sure to check out LeMetric’s Hairstyles board for even more glam looks!

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Blogger Spotlight: The Alopecia Goddess, Kaiya Sicard

kaiya sicard, alopecia, blogger, alopecia areata
The Alopecia Goddess herself, Kaiya Sicard

Kaiya Sicard is 24 years old, lives in Toronto, and is a manager for a spa. When she’s not working, you can find her lost in a book or thrifting for the best deals.

Kaiya also has alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out in round patches.

Diagnosed at the age of 5, Kaiya brought her hair loss journey online in May in hopes of informing others about this disease which affects about 2 percent of Americans. Although alopecia areata is not a life-threatening disease, there are struggles and hardships those diagnosed have to face everyday—most of which many Americans are unaware of. Kaiya blogs about these issues in the hopes of not only educating others about the medical, emotional, and financial obstacles she battles, but also maintaining a healthy cathartic outlet.

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All throughout her blog, the Alopecia Goddess clearly demonstrates why she is a guiding light for girls who may feel lost when dealing with the disease. Kaiya expertly covers a range of topics: society’s unachievable beauty standards, depression, dating, racism and even bullying. However, when viewed from the perspective of someone with alopecia these topics gain a different kind of significance: society’s unwillingness to accept alopecia, her own journey to finding courage and confidence, the expensive life of an alopecia patient, the added weight of a significant other’s judgements, and having friends turn on you and using your disease as a dagger.

“Society is full of people who modify their appearance in one way or another. Millions of women wear wigs everyday, yet when it comes to wearing a wig because of a disease or disorder there is a certain stigma being held that it is now “weird.”
– “To Wig or Not to Wig

kaiya sicard, alopecia, beautiful, alopecia areata

Despite these obstacles, Kaiya remains strong and pushes to overcome the judgements she faces. She constantly gives thanks to her family and friends who support her, and more importantly, she recognizes the goddess strength within herself. In her incredibly insightful post “Falling in Love When Your Hair is Falling Out” Kaiya writes, “I feel loved because I have found love in myself.”

She’s not letting her condition control her life. And when it does? She writes.

Kaiya’s blog is a must read if you have alopecia, deal with hair loss of any form, or just want to educate yourself on a misunderstood disease. There’s no doubt this goddess will continue to go up from here, and LeMetric can’t wait to see the successes she’ll experience!

“Basically I want people to realize that everyone handles life’s difficulties differently. What may seem like a piece of cake to you could be a mountain for me. It’s not fair to judge others on their coping skills because like I previously mentioned, you will never understand until you are there yourself.”

– “You don’t have any real problems.

Read Kaiya’s blog here and be sure to follow her on Twitter as well!

Thinking about trying hair pieces but don’t know what your options are? LeMetric’s founder and alopecia expert Elline Surianello is offering free hair consultations just for you! Speak to her directly by calling (212) 986-5620 or email her personally at

Written by Felicia Rodriguez

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Ilana Glazer, The Curly Hair Inspiration We Didn’t Know We Needed

ilana glazer, curly hair
Photo curtesy of Zimbio

Written by Felicia Rodriguez

Have you seen Broad City yet? No? Well you’re certainly missing out on a whirlwind of nonsensical BFF adventures, pure NYC based hilarity, and the slacker wit of curly haired “kween” Ilana Glazer.

Often thought of as the female version of Workoholics, Broad City can easily be considered a win for Comedy Central as proved by the success of its first two seasons. The sitcom is praised for its countless highlights: the strength and authenticity of the female protagonists’ friendship, open discussions of the often shied away topic of female sexuality, and of course, the girls’ fondness of recreational marijuana. However, the zenith of the show for girls who tag their Instagram selfies with #curlyhairdontcare just might be the unspoken language of Ilana’s glorious short curly ‘do.

The self-proclaimed Jewess never fails to rock her curls along with her matching unrestrained, down-to-earth attitude– the kind of personality that makes for truly enjoyable television. It’s really no wonder she resonates so much with today’s young adult audience when Ilana’s the type of friend everyone wishes they had.

broad city, ilana glazer, abbi jacobson, comedy central
These broads.

Glazer also compliments her wild locks with a bold sense of style, complete with dark lipstick, big earrings, see-through tops, tuxedos, zany socks, crop tops, short shorts… and of course, her now iconic LF lattice bra that makes regular appearances on the show.

Ilana exudes this fresh, unique confidence that’s enviable and she’s exactly the kind of female protagonist we need to see more of on television. (Totally not forgetting her other half Abbi, who’s wonderfully unconventional in her own way!)

It can be said hair informs a girl’s character. When looking at Ilana and her admirable tresses, that statement couldn’t be any truer.

ilana glazer, broad city, style, fashion
This doesn’t even cover it.

Inspired by Ilana’s looks? Visit our site or call (212) 986-5620 to book an appointment with LeMetric!