Curly/Wavy/Kinky Hair IS Sexy!


By Sonya Teclai:

I’ve had big curly hair all of my life, and in its’ entirety it has never been referred to as “Sexy”.  I’ve heard it referred to as “cute”, “fun”, “beautiful”, and several other perky adjectives…but never “sexy”.  I asked several of my other natural-haired friends if their hair was ever referred to as such and they all had the same reaction, a point of actualization that it hadn’t followed by a grimace.  As a young woman, sex appeal is certainly not the only thing I strive for.  In fact, it’s never truly been the objective for my hair styling technique, but the fact that the term “sexy” is almost always exclusively associated with straight and sleek hair bothers me.  Curly hair, wavy hair, kinky hair, and so on are incredibly alluring.  Not only do you see personality radiating from it, but you also see a confidence in deviating from the mass norm of styling…and that type of confidence is incredibly SEXY!

Above all things, I’ve always loved how free my hair feels when it’s natural, big, and bouncy.  When my hair feels free, I feel free, and when I feel free I feel sexy.  If you’ve refrained from wearing your hair naturally with the media-imposed idea that it was not correlated with being sexy…change the way you think now because you, my dear, are the epitome of SEXY.  When you believe it, you will exude it.

Check out some of these other multicultural women with sexy textured big hair below:







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