Empire’s Fierce Fashion


Fox’s new hit series “Empire” is making some serious fashion statements, particularly with Taraji P. Henson’s character, Cookie Lyon. Since Cookie is fresh out of prison, where she’s been since the 90’s, she’s making up for lost time and trading the orange jumpsuit for plush furs and fierce animal prints. As she fights for control of the hip-hop music and entertainment business she built with her ex-husband Lucious, she brings a potent mix of style and sass to the boardroom.

The New York Post compared Fox’s new hip-hop drama to the 80’s Aaron Spelling series, “Dynasty.” When they asked costume designer, Rita McGhee, how she can get the same level of glitz and glam with half the budget Nolan Miller had for “Dynasty,” she revealed many of Cookie’s signature looks, including a $10,000 ivory fur and stylish accessories by Alexander McQueen and Chanel, are borrowed from real-life music industry wives. Other pieces are rented or borrowed from designers and one gown alone, a stunning zebra-patterned Balmain, is worth over $10,000.

Cookie’s fashion is loud and proud, full of color and bold prints, accentuated by full, fabulous hair. It’s not the same haute couture worn by “Dynasty’s” Krystal Carrington— there’s a hip-hop flavor to it, but the result is even more powerful. Considering the impact “Dynasty” had on fashion, look for “Empire” to do the same, but bigger and better. More color, more pattern and texture, more hair.

Photo from empirefox’s Instagram
posted by Cathy Zimmermann


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