Real World Hair!

This is her natural hair. Are you able to cut it?



With many women going natural due to damage from relaxers or the pulling of weaves, and an even larger population of women with some sort of texture in their hair, salon owners and hairdressers must understand every hair texture.

LeMetric has brought together a group of experts to create Real World Hair, a series of clinics and classes that will teach you real world skills on how to cut and work with all hair textures, from coarse/kinky to baby fine and pin straight hair. We will teach you haircuts that are adaptable for every texture and equip you with the knowledge of how to boost or tame any texture with the use of additional hair. Our clinics and classes are designed to teach you all things texture-related, from the cut to the use the best products.

Our first clinic on textured hair will be held on July 29 from 1-3pm in our LeMetric studio in NYC. Call 212-986-5620 to register.

More dates and locations on clinics and classes coming soon!


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