Why we marched at NYC Pride 2013

This past weekend was NYC’s Pride weekend and we decided to march along with Oasis Dance Co. from DC. We had loud music, coordinated dancers, and volunteers march five miles from Midtown to Christopher St. in the Village where the LGBT movements started in the 70’s. The theme from “Rain to Rainbows” proved to be very fitting this year since it did rain as soon as we stepped out onto 5th ave. Before we hit the Village the rain cleared, but we didn’t mind cooling down with the help of the rain.Lemetric_nyc_pride_2013

LeMetric decided to march this year to support this growing movement. Marriage amongst the LGBT community is becoming legal in more places around the world and we have to fight for this civil right amongst Americans. LeMetric also loves the artistic expression seen at these Pride events and we support the artist. We had custom made outfits for our dancers and grand marshals. Don’t forget our Mobile Beauty Studio is also custom built for us for weddings, quinceaneras, and other events.

LeMetric_Oasis_Dance_Co_Pride_2013We hope this movement keeps moving forward allowing all LGBT the same rights as straight people. We want the art and freedom of expression to not be hindered because of someone else’s beliefs. We hope to participate next year since we hadΒ so much fun at Pride this year! Did you see at marching? Tweet us @LeMetric with any pictures.


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