That girl named Abby

Friday Conversations

Abby AsistioI never thought that I could hang out with a celebrity one day. I never thought that somehow it’s possible. It was just in my new year’s checklist to meet a famous person but hanging out with them was far different. And it happened.

Abby Asistio was a celebrity by her own right. She’s a musician, host and a blogger. Her father was a name in Politics and her mother was from the showbiz industry. Naturally for a commoner like me it’s really awkward but this girl named Abby was different. Aside from the fact that she is bald, yes, she’s bald well; she’s also humble and very down to earth.

Abby had Alopecia Areata since she was 4 years old. Alopecia Areata? Simply its equivalent to Hair loss, it is a rare case of illness that only a few people around the world have it. It can go mild…

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