Sex and Wigs…no rock’n roll?

Very interesting – we love your honesty! What’s the most embarassing things that’s happened to you with your wig on a date?

Diary of a Bald Lady

Dear Diary,

Can we talk?

I have met amazing women, heard awesome stories and have been inspired like never before. I actually get goosebumps thinking about how many women are out there living with this…and how many women aren’t living fully.

For all those who complimented my beautiful pic on the last post…sorry….not me. But it proves my point which is why I posted it…bald can be beautiful!!

I am on a mission! I have started a meet-up group called Hair Loss Awareness for Women. Silly title really; of course we’re aware we have hair loss! But it is perhaps easier to find than Alopecia. (I didn’t know what it was called or even that there WAS a name for it!)

I have also been blessed to have met (via phone) Amy Gibson, owner of Amy has been living with Alopecia since she was 13 and has created a…

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