Breast Cancer as Guru: Using Yoga to Heal the Body and Connect With Spirit

We can’t wait to be apart of this event in Philadelphia!


amy yoga picLiving Beyond Breast Cancer and Yoga on the Stepswould like to introduce Amy Fleischer, a spirited DC yogi! Amy will be attending Yoga on the Steps DC for the very first time this year so be sure to check back after the event on June 13th for a detailed account of her experience!

Health is something that most people take for granted.  When you’re healthy, you rarely stop to think about your body and all the miraculous things it does every single day, without you even telling it what to do.  It moves, breathes, detoxifies, regenerates, heals, grows, thinks, circulates…all on its own.  But what happens when you get sick and your body doesn’t “work” like it’s supposed to?

Illness, especially an illness like cancer, often serves as a “wake up” call for us to take better care of ourselves.  A chance to slow down, check in, and maybe…

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