LeMetric’s Hair Extension Bar Flash Mob Recap 2013

LeMetric_flashmob_2013_dancers_mannequin dancers_lemetric_unoin_square_2013

This past weekend LeMetric launched our Hair Extension Bar. We started off with a tour around the city with the help of our flash mob dancers to help promote our Hair Extension Bar. We’d like to thank our Makeup Artists Bianca and Michelle, our hair stylist and master wig maker, Egypt Buck, our lovely dancers Keisha, Bev, Lola, Justin, and Milerka

On Thursday April 4th we started at Grand Central, New York public library, Bryant Park, Hunter College, Columbia University, 125th in Harlem, and the Apple Store on 5th Ave. We were YouTubed at Grand Central Station which was very exciting.

On Saturday April 5th, we started at Grand Central Station again, went onto Herald Square, Washington Square, and Union Square. We did two amazing performances at Washington Square during the Huge Pillow Fight.




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