6 Hair Myths Revealed

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tow0304-hair-mythsThere are many speculations out there on whats the best for your hair. Throughout the years we have heard many myths from our mothers, friends, and hair dressers about proper haircare. Today we will get to the very root of some common hair myths with hair experts Elise Olsen MD and Valerie Callender MD who will help you think twice about believing everything you hear.

“Frequent trims makes your hair grow faster”
We have heard this myth so many times from our hairdressers who are scissor happy. Think about it, if you are trying to grow out your hair, why would you cut your hair so often; you’re just cutting off any new growth. Truth is, hair grows about half-inch per month whether its cut or not. That doesn’t mean stop cutting your hair altogether, adding an occasional trim (when needed) will take care of any split ends and prevent…

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