Can’t wear hair extensions? Try on LeClip

Jess works with us here at LeMetric.  And although she has great, long, straight, shiny hair most people would die for, she still cannot attain the volume she really wants.  So we added a very special hair piece we hand craft here at our NYC headquarters: LeClip.  She tried it on and in less than 2 minutes, she achieved the style and volume she always wanted!


5 thoughts on “Can’t wear hair extensions? Try on LeClip

    • lemetric

      LeClip are hair extension clips and unfortunately they don’t work so well or cover hair loss areas around the temples. We would recommend a hair piece. If you’d like a consult with our hair loss specialist please call 212-986-5620.

  1. Jonathon Ngan

    If you are facing with hair loss, you probably end up with having thin hair. I’ve created a site where I personally share everything about solutions to people having fine, thinning hair. Its by far the EASIEST AND FASTEST way to camouflage your thin hair by volumizing your hair. Therefore, making any preferable hairstyles possible! Its completely free, go and have a look and it might help you. 😀
    Fine Thinning Hair Styles? | Solution!

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