Women and our hair! What a roller coaster!

For those of us who have hair thinning/loss, it is an evolving emotional roller coaster. We have to decide everyday through this process of hair; how we feel about it, how we look, how we want others to perceive us. I believe that because there are so many women right now over the age of 50, roughly 30% of the population in the US, hair loss is a cultural shift in our thinking. The number of us who deal with this will continue to grow. Why? Because it is part of the aging process, part genetics and part lifestyle!! So what to do? Embrace options!

That is what my blog will officially start doing – give women options on how to look, regardless of the challenge.

P.S – in the news on Tuesday, a woman who is 106 years old asked for 3 things: a new dress, dinner and A NEW WIG! – at the end of the day, it is still about how we look, how we feel and how happy we are.


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