Fergie and Hair Loss

In the latest Star Magazine issue, readers were shocked to discover a picture of the talented, beautiful singer Fergie with what seemed to have been a wide side part that could indicate hair loss, or alopecia.

The picture has been spreading across the tabloids in a distasteful, insensitive manner.

As a celebrity, Fergie is in the spotlight. But millions of us, including myself, have been dealing with hair loss in private. But it’s time that the issue of women’s hair loss is addressed on a global level, with more women like Fergie (and allegedly Neve Campbell) speaking up about it and taking it out of the closet of shame.

I did a quick video shout out to Fergie, which you can watch here:

Fergie – you are not alone. Just visit AlopeciaWorld.com, or any of the other dozens of outlets for brave people like yourself who are dealing with one of the most traumatic experiences that can happen to a woman.

You can also reach out to me at LeMetric. We are here to help.


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