What Makes LeMetric Hairpieces Different?

In the market for a hairpiece? Elline explains what makes LeMetric Hairpieces and Hair Systems different than the ones other salons are offering and how to choose the right one based on your own needs and lifestyle.

With our hairpieces, you can:

  • Wear it 24/7 or during the day, permanently or temporarily.
  • Sleep, swim, and even sweat in it without causing any damage
  • Customize it based on your own preferences and natural hair

More benefits:

  • They’re breathable and easy to wash
  • Can last for 2-3 years with maintenance
  • We can incorporate your existing hair into the piece and make it easy to take on or off
  • They’re flexible to your lifestyle!

If you want to learn more, call Elline directly at (212) 986-5620 or email her at elline@lemetric.com for a free consultation.

Elline Surianello featured in Modern Salon’s Healthy Hairdresser

modern salon, elline surianello, healthy hairdresser, hair lossLeMetric founder Elline Surianello was interviewed by Modern Salon for Healthy Hairdresser about the problems she faces as a woman with alopecia in the hair industry, how she overcame these issues, and the special relationship hairdressers have with their clients.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

“Hairdressers have a very personal relationship with their clients,” Surianello observes. “You know everything about each other; you’re each other’s advocate. But sometimes you don’t talk about all of the options for dealing with hair loss. Talking about it and engaging your clients in this conversation has everyone feeling more comfortable. Sometimes it surfaces when the client has a special occasion coming up and is concerned about how her hair is going to make her feel. Together, you find solutions, and people retain their confidence despite their hair loss.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Introducing the Real World Hair Academy!

Are you a hairdresser looking to get into the additional hair industry?

LeMetric’s Real World Hair Academy will give you a head start and get you to the finish line.

Designed for the professional who to not only wants to build their book and expand their skill set, but want to empower your art to help women who want it and need it. 

Seminars start this December at our spacious New York City location.

Why attend?

  • You want to master all things hair– extensions, weaves, wigs, and hairpieces
  • You want to be able to take care of all clients, including those with conditions that cause traumatic hair loss and thinning
  • You want to want to learn how to market your salon or personal brand better and attract clients you wouldn’t have been able to treat before

What seminars are available?

  • Additional Hair Application and Attachment Methods
  • How to Build Your Own Hairpiece
  • How to Cut, Color & Style Hairpieces and Extensions
  • Marketing Your Brand

Who will be teaching?

Elline Surianello is no stranger to educating hairdressers nationwide on the best additional hair techniques and how-tos. As a business owner for over 25 years, she has solidified and innovated the hair industry by not just empowering and helping hair loss clients, but by helping the industry understand the emotional and financial power of additional hair. Elline seeks like-minded and creative individuals who share the passion of pushing hair loss and hair thinning to the forefront of the conversation.

Where can I get more information?

Please visit the Real World Hair Academy page here to learn more about upcoming seminars and opportunities!

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WATCH: What Are The Signs Of Hair Loss And Hair Thinning?

As we get older, we might notice the hair on our dome becoming a little sparse. How can you tell if you’re developing hair loss or hair thinning? In this video, Elline talks about the signs you should look out for.

If you have a question about hair or beauty, feel free to ask Elline! Leave a comment, or email her directly at elline@lemetric.com.

Munchy the Barber Joins the LeMetric Family

munchy the barber, munchy, lemetricHair extraordinaire Munchy the Barber will now call LeMetric home coming this December!

We’re so lucky to have the award-winning Maryland native choose LeMetric as his NYC location. Elline immediately recognized his great energy, fun personality and immense talent and was more than happy to accommodate Munchy and make his experience at our salon comfortable and enjoyable.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @munchythebarber to see his amazing work and even book an appointment with him when he comes to LeMetric!

To check out how LeMetric can reinvent your hair, visit our website and receive a free consultation with our experts.

LeMetric Is Now a Trich.org Hair Provider

We are proud to announce LeMetric is officially a Hair Provider for Trichotillomania Learning Center.

TLC is dedicated to those suffering fromtlc, trichotillomania, trichotillomania learning center the condition and offers information, support, and treatment to make the journey to recovery easier.

For many women living with trichotillomania, noticeable patches can be embarrassing and cause severe emotional trauma. Our hairpieces not only look natural and blends with the client’s own hair, but can prevent and deter unwanted pulling.

LeMetric has always imported, manufactured and designed our own custom hairpieces for clients of all backgrounds. We’re no strangers to trichotillomania; we’ve
been working with these clients since 1989. Schedule your free consultation with our experts today, email us at info@lemetric.com to learn more!

Find us here on Trich.org here.

Before & After: Color Correction for Thick, Curly Hair

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned when you bleach your own hair.

As anyone who has bought drugstore bleach knows, it’s a very risky move to lighten your own hair especially when your hair is thick, dark, and very curly.

Watch below to see how LeMetric stylist Ana fixed this client’s failed DIY “ombre” while paying close attention to her texture and preferred length.

LeMetric can repair your hairpiece or wig’s color in 72 hours or less. Contact us at info@lemetric.com to find out how you can take advantage of our speedy color repair services!