Empire’s Fierce Fashion


Fox’s new hit series “Empire” is making some serious fashion statements, particularly with Taraji P. Henson’s character, Cookie Lyon. Since Cookie is fresh out of prison, where she’s been since the 90’s, she’s making up for lost time and trading the orange jumpsuit for plush furs and fierce animal prints. As she fights for control of the hip-hop music and entertainment business she built with her ex-husband Lucious, she brings a potent mix of style and sass to the boardroom.

The New York Post compared Fox’s new hip-hop drama to the 80’s Aaron Spelling series, “Dynasty.” When they asked costume designer, Rita McGhee, how she can get the same level of glitz and glam with half the budget Nolan Miller had for “Dynasty,” she revealed many of Cookie’s signature looks, including a $10,000 ivory fur and stylish accessories by Alexander McQueen and Chanel, are borrowed from real-life music industry wives. Other pieces are rented or borrowed from designers and one gown alone, a stunning zebra-patterned Balmain, is worth over $10,000.

Cookie’s fashion is loud and proud, full of color and bold prints, accentuated by full, fabulous hair. It’s not the same haute couture worn by “Dynasty’s” Krystal Carrington— there’s a hip-hop flavor to it, but the result is even more powerful. Considering the impact “Dynasty” had on fashion, look for “Empire” to do the same, but bigger and better. More color, more pattern and texture, more hair.

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5 Famous Celebrity Hairstyles That Changed Everything

Blake Lively as Serena on Gossip Girl

Blake Lively as Serena on Gossip Girl

Every so often a celebrity’s hairstyle just takes on a life of its own. These five looks have had an undeniable impact on fashion and beauty, and have been reproduced in salons everywhere.

1976 “Farrah Fawcett flip”

Farrah, according to her friend Nels Van Patten, styled her own hair for her iconic red swimsuit poster, which sold millions of copies – the best selling poster of all time, says Smithsonian curator Dwight Bowers.

1995 “The Rachel”

Stylist Chris McMillan confessed to Women’s Wear Daily that he was high when he gave Jennifer Anniston what she called “the ugliest haircut” she’d ever seen. 11 million women have tried this cut, named after her character on “Friends,” according to Marie Claire magazine.

1996 “Sally Shag”

Stylist Sally Hershberger gave Meg Ryan a shag haircut that is still popular (also referred to as a “Meg Ryan.”) TotalBeauty.com says Sally is “still the woman you want to see if you want a shag.”

2007 Rihanna’s Assymetrical Bob

Stylist Ursula Stephen gave Rihanna a new look that set her apart from her contemporaries and catapulted her career. Ursula also did Laverne Cox’s braided crown for the 2015 SAG awards.

2009 “The Serena”

Jennifer Johnson, Blake Lively’s stylist on the set of “Gossip Girl,” makes waves for her character Serena by twisting Blake’s damp hair into ballerina bun until it dries, then gently releasing it.


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Red Carpet Envy vs. Resolutions

Reese Witherspoon Golden Globes 2012There are two things that make most of us take a fresh look at who we are and how we want the world to see us. The first is a major life event—like marriage, divorce, job loss, or serious illness. The second is the start of a new year.

We start each year with a soul-searching inventory of our own shortcomings, and a new batch of resolutions to perfect ourselves.

Then entertainment awards season begins, full of stunningly symmetrical and statuesque figures in dazzling gowns and tuxes, with voluminous hair and brilliant smiles. They’re already perfect.

But it’s worth remembering that underneath the faux lashes and flattering extensions, they are still people. We all start off with the same desire to reinvent ourselves; they just have help. A lot of help. 

They’ve spent weeks or months being personally trained, and courted by top fashion designers. They’ve been styled and coiffed by experts so they won’t be charged with crimes against couture by the Fashion Police.

If you want your resolutions to stick, start with something small, something you can control, and then build on it. The satisfaction of having achieved that first goal will propel you to the next. Focus first on the things that will give you the confidence to be the best version of yourself. Seek out the experts. Ask for help. Make this the year your resolutions become real.

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Sneek Peek: Real World Hair Classes

We are getting ready to launch or Real World Hair Classes, an all-exclusive crash course on everything you need to know about textured hair, from the baby fine to really kinky hair.

Need more convincing on why YOU should take a Real World Hair class? Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll get:


Session One: The Long and the Short Of Texture

Welcome to the Future: 21st Century clients are so diverse, the hair professional is more important than ever. We’ll show you real world solutions for every type and texture.

Texture 101: The Five Core Textures you need to master, how to tame the wild and strengthen the wimpy, analyzing each client’s special mix of textures.

Texture in Transition: Helping your client transition from one texture to another with a Cut and Style Battle Plan.

Health Hair 101: Customizing your client’s Hair Health Calendar, nurturing the hair during chemical services, the 8 types of alopecia and battling congenital hair loss from cut to product to additional hair.

Taming Those Tresses: How to customize professional products for textures in transition, our favorite styling brush, the miracle of Brazilian hair Botox, deep conditioners for troubled tresses, the best daily styling products for sensitive hair, taming texture with state-of-the-art additional hair strategies for fine and thinning hair.


Session Two: Hair Cutting, Styling and Business Practices

Forget about whether to cut wet or cut dry — we will teach you both. We’ll make you into a god of straight and kinky, blunt-cut and removing weight, natural and high fashion.

A Step-By-Step Demonstration: the one haircut you need to master for every texture of hair!

The Haircutting Facelift: Suitability 101, the Axis and Volume Placement, the importance of your client’s profile. And finally, listening to the client, and how to explain exactly what you are going to do and why!

Precision cutting 101: Sectioning, scissors, graduation v layering, the importance of where you stand.

Texturizing: Choosing the best technique for each head of hair, how and when to thin, knowing your texturizing tools, achieving maximum haircut versatility for your client, cutting strategies for fine hair and thinning hair.

Expanding Your Tools: The best, the latest, and the most adaptable new tools you need to know about.


Real World Hair!

This is her natural hair. Are you able to cut it?



With many women going natural due to damage from relaxers or the pulling of weaves, and an even larger population of women with some sort of texture in their hair, salon owners and hairdressers must understand every hair texture.

LeMetric has brought together a group of experts to create Real World Hair, a series of clinics and classes that will teach you real world skills on how to cut and work with all hair textures, from coarse/kinky to baby fine and pin straight hair. We will teach you haircuts that are adaptable for every texture and equip you with the knowledge of how to boost or tame any texture with the use of additional hair. Our clinics and classes are designed to teach you all things texture-related, from the cut to the use the best products.

Our first clinic on textured hair will be held on July 29 from 1-3pm in our LeMetric studio in NYC. Call 212-986-5620 to register.

More dates and locations on clinics and classes coming soon!

Hair Around the World

Hair holds a different significance for every woman. From the color, style, length, and texture, we all have different needs and wants. It’s no surprise then that each country brings a variety of hair trends. Here are some fun hair facts from around the world.

Latin America:
The women in Brazil do not mess around when it comes to their hair. So much emphasis is put on having beautiful hair that the typical Brazilian woman uses 3-5 products to prepare her hair for styling in the morning.

“You won’t find a Brazilian woman who doesn’t spend time on her hair,” says Silvia Rayol, an advertising executive from São Paulo. “Our hair is naturally curly and it often frizzes up in the heat. So we keep it under control by going to the hair salon every week for treatments and blow-dries, or by using moisturizing hair masks at home.”

Because of this, the Brazilian blowout, which is used to tame super frizzy hair for a long period, became widely popular and is now a big trend in the U.S.

To further emphasize the importance of having beautiful locks, Brazil is leading the hair care market in Latin America with sales totaling to 5.9 million (http://www.happi.com). Moreover, there are approximately 342,000 salons in Brazil, with many concentrated in the southeast. In this area, you could see about 10 salons in just one block.

BrazilianBlowout4Image source here.

brazilian-blowout-makeover-06bImage source here.


Some of the best quality hair comes from Asia. The hair business in Asia is so serious that some women even have to sign a contract to ensure that their hair grows to a certain length under the most desirable conditions. For example, some women must keep their hair from pollutants and practice extreme care in order to provide hair in the best condition. Although many woman could never phantom the thought of living with no hair, for many of these women, it is the most simplest and most effective way to provide for their family.

Here’s another interesting fact: A good portion of the human hair that you see on hairpieces, wigs and extensions originate from a Hindu temple in South India. The Daily Mail reported that approximately 4,000 women visit the temple on a daily basis and shave off their hair as a symbol of surrendering their ego to the god Vishnu.

article-2154238-136EFAA5000005DC-78_468x310Image source here.


Wearing hair is common among African American women. A booming trend in this group is the growing acceptance of wigs, specifically custom human hair wigs. More and more women are noticing the benefits of wigs. Not only are wigs a great way to change your look for a special occasion, but a custom quality wig will last longer and can be used and treated like real hair. Another popular trend in the African American community is geometric wigs. These wigs are built with less hair than your average wig but have more precise cutting, and thus, look like a very expensive cut from a high-end salon.

 158417_Geometric_Styled_Wig_jpgb519c029ed4aeca877fdecfebdd9e6e4Image source here.


It’s common knowledge that the United Kingdom is always in the forefront of fashion, beauty and hair trends. The latest trend coming from the UK is the use of human hair on clothes!

According to designer Charlie Le Mindu, we all will be wearing clothes made out of human hair in the near future. A very well-known celebrity who has already embraced this unusual and peculiar trend is Lady Gaga, who has worn some of Le Mindu’s designs.

“Human hair is beautiful to wear and it’s so interesting to work with,” he says. “People just need to get over the fact they are wearing something from their body. They seem to think it is still living and that freaks them out.”

Le Mindu makes everything from hats to full outfits. His work has been featured in London’s V&A museum and Vogue magazine.

“Once people get their heads round wearing human hair I think it will become mainstream,” he says. “It will be like wearing fur, a luxury.”

131Image source here.

Multicultural Hair & Makeup Show

Hair and Beauty Class Flyer

NYC is such a diverse population. So, it’s very important that makeup artists and hairstylists learn how to work with all hair textures, lengths and colors, as well as all skin tones and facial structures. With our multicultural class, we will teach you how to do professional makeup and how to create updos with LeMetric’s human hair extensions/ hairpieces. By the time you walk out of our class, you will be ready to make everyone feel and look beautiful for weddings, photo shoots, runways and special occasions!

Supplies needed:
Bobby pins
Flat iron
Curling iron
Hair spray
Blow dry
Velcro rollers