Ilana Glazer, The Curly Hair Inspiration We Didn’t Know We Needed

ilana glazer, curly hair

Photo curtesy of Zimbio

Have you seen Broad City yet? No? Well you’re certainly missing out on a whirlwind of nonsensical BFF adventures, pure NYC based hilarity, and the slacker wit of curly haired “kween” Ilana Glazer.

Often thought of as the female version of Workoholics, Broad City can easily be considered win for Comedy Central as proved by the success of its first two seasons. The sitcom is praised for for countless highlights: the strength and authenticity of the female protagonists’ friendship, open discussions of the often shied away topic of female sexuality, and of course, the girls’ fondness of recreational marijuana. However, the zenith of the show for girls who tag their Instagram selfies with #curlyhairdontcare just might be the unspoken language of Ilana’s glorious short curly ‘do.

The self-proclaimed Jewess never fails to rock her curls along with her matching unrestrained, down-to-earth attitude– the kind of personality that makes for truly enjoyable television. It’s really no wonder she resonates so much with today’s young adult audience when Ilana’s the type of friend everyone wishes they had.

broad city, ilana glazer, abbi jacobson, comedy central

These broads.

Glazer also compliments her wild locks with a bold sense of style, complete with dark lipstick, big earrings, see through tops, tuxedos, zany socks, crop tops, short shorts… and of course, her now iconic LF lattice bra that makes regular appearances on the show.

Ilana exudes this fresh, unique confidence that’s enviable and it’s exactly the kind of female protagonist we need to see more of on television (totally not forgetting her other half Abbi, who’s wonderfully unconventional in her own way!)

It can be said hair informs a girl’s character. When looking at Ilana and her admirable tresses, that statement couldn’t be any truer.

ilana glazer, broad city, style, fashion

This doesn’t even cover it.

Inspired by Ilana’s looks? Visit our site or call (212) 986-5620 to book an appointment with LeMetric!

Introducing the LeMetric Real World Hair & Beauty Network!

LeMetric wants to thank Nidiyah, Gina, SimSim, Bianca and Misa for joining Elline in a roundtable discussion on the launch of the Real World Hair & Beauty Network and accompanying photo shoots!


Nidiyah & Gina of Sweet 821, SimSim of SimSim Stylez (L-R)

There is limited conversation about hair and beauty when it comes to women of diverse backgrounds. The beauty industry is at its core artistic, but everyone has a different interpretation as to what hair and beauty should be. It is challenging for all professionals when the multicultural beauty arena is underdeveloped.

LeMetric Real World Hair & Beauty wants to change that.

We are expanding our network to include top-rated, diverse, and creative hair and beauty experts whose work exemplifies exactly what LeMetric has championed for over 10 years now: the power of the multicultural woman and the universal language of hair.

Elline (CEO/Founder of LeMetric) with Bianca of Be You Beauty

Elline (CEO/Founder of LeMetric) with Bianca of Be You Beauty

After talking to these 5 wonderful ladies, each with their own diverse skill set, personality, and backgrounds, it was clear the future of the Real World Hair & Beauty Network is bright.

We’re truly excited to begin this journey with such talented hairstylists.

Are you a beauty expert looking to grow your own personal brand and business? Email to learn more about how you could participate in our network!

Check out our collaborators’ pages: SimSim, Gina, Nidiyah, Bianca, Misa.

Written by Felicia Rodriguez

Before & After (June Blowout Sale)

before makeover


This gorgeous young woman came into our LeMetric Beauty Studio after hearing about our June Blowout Sale ($50 wash/deep-condition/cut/blow out).  She added a red dye job along with a press to her blowout combo and left our Beauty Studio looking fabulous.  Her hair was cut and styled, looking much healthier without the split ends and giving her hair more room for growth/length!  Egypt Buck, our in-house and celebrity hairstylist, worked his magic to create the look below.




Our June Blowout Sale is still going on!  Be sure to call LeMetric at (212)-986-5620 to get your $50 wash/deep condition/cut/dry combo today!

The Best Hair Extensions And Pieces For Every Texture Of Curly, Wavy, Kinky, and Straight Hair!

The biggest issue with having curly hair and wanting to add a bit more length/volume to it is finding extensions that match my exact curl pattern.

I know, I know…the whole point of going natural is to wear all of your own hair, but sometimes a girl just wants some variation to her look!  Can I live?  I know you fellow curly girls that want to add a piece or two have probably dealt with this as well. photo 17 photo 20

photo 11

Well, no need to worry I’ve finally found a solution!!!

LeMetric Real World Hair & Beauty are certified experts when it comes to making custom hair pieces/extensions that have every variation of hair texture available, along with a multitude of colors (if you want to get really funky or maintain your conservative look).

LeMetric made me an extension piece that matched my curl pattern/color from scratch with their bulk human hair, tightened the curl pattern with their sticks and boiled it so the pattern stays permanent (even after washing it multiple times), added a thin weft at the top of it, and then put the clips on it so I can clip it on or off as I please!  How convenient :)

…I’ve always strayed from permanent commitment with my hair so the clip-in extensions are amazing for me!

Did I mention that I stray from permanent commitment with my hair?  Because I seriously do, one minute I want it curly and then the next, I want it straight.  So let’s get into their straight extensions because they give me life.  As soon as I saw them I just wanted to run my fingers through them.

Pictures don’t do the quality of this hair any justice, but you would be surprised by how well all of this hair blends with your natural textures.  Take a look at LeMetric Model, Genny Miliano, with her natural hair blown out and then with the extensions added into the blown out side of her hair!  It looks like it’s all hers!

Without Extensions


With Extensions


The beauty of hair extensions is that you can use it to add length, texture, volume, and color without having to make any drastic commitments to wearing hair pieces.

The types of custom hair extensions LeMetric makes:

Straight/ Soft Waves / Body Waves / Wet and Wavy/ Curly / Wet and Curly/ Kinky


Thick Wefted

Thin Wefted

Clip-In Thick Wefted

Clip-In Thin Wefted

All Virgin Remy

Custom Mixed Coloring (Browns with Blacks, Auburns with Blondes, etc….to give your hair a more natural look)

photo 12 photo 24 photo 221

They use these sticks below to set and boil the hair in order for any/every definitive curl pattern to remain in the custom hair pieces…so you can wash them and dry them as much as you want and it will go right back to that same curl pattern.

DSC_5615 DSC_5619

I’m writing all of this, simply to say…get your best extensions and hair pieces at LeMetric!

Hair Crush Of The Week!


Hair Crush Of The Week: Ukrainian Model, Ekaterina!

Look at those gorgeous locks and that smile…sweet and stunning. Our hairstylist and makeup artist, Carlos Otero , did her hair and makeup for this shoot. She is an accomplished model with a bright future ahead of her.

Like our page and send us a photo + description submission via for a chance to be our Hair Crush Of The Week! Don’t forget to put “Hair Crush” in the subject line!

LeMetric Presents: Hair Nightmares! A discussion on hair mishaps and solutions


source: tumblr

We all have one of those stories…

You think you can take on cutting your own hair. You put your faith and your strands into a new stylist’s hands. You let your so-called experienced friend experiment on your head.

And then what happens?


Yes, hair grows back, but at what cost?! At this meetup, we will be sharing these very stories. We’ll also be sharing solutions we’ve implemented to battle our hair mishaps– who knows, someone need your advice!

Refreshments will be served. Feel free to bring any guests you think could use the #hairapy :)

There will also be opportunities to get free makeovers and Youtube coverage as will aim to create a YouTube series about this very topic!

Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing on our Facebook event page here.

June Blowout Sale In NYC (For All Ladies)!


Happy June Ladies!  LeMetric is celebrating ALL women in the NYC area this month!  After a long, cold, and strenuous winter, all we ladies want to do is get our hair done, get pedicures, put on a dress, and FINALLY BE OUTSIDE!  We want to award all of you for making it into the summer with an unbeatable discount.

Come in and get your hair washed,deep-conditioned,cut, AND blown out for only $50 in the heart of Manhattan.  We will also include flat ironing services for only $10 more! Our hairstylists have worked with the likes of Rihanna, J Lo, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and more!  (All Women Pictured In The Flyer Had Their Hair Done By LeMetric Stylists For The Photos)

We will also be doing new promotions for free services/products every single week, so stay tuned to find out what freebies you can get when booking your hair appointment with us!

Hair Types We Specialize In:








Other services we provide:


Roller Sets

Hair Extensions (clip in/sewn in)



Call us at (212)-986-5620 to book your appointment now!  We do not accept walk-ins.

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